Shraddha Thuwal

Creative Copywriter

Shraddha is a skilled copywriter known for her writing abilities, integrity, and wide range of interests. Because she is fascinated with creativity, she discovers in her work that every major component has a plethora of minor details that require accuracy and clarification to frame the significant part appropriately.

Along with earning a bachelor's and master's degree in science from Banasthali Vidhyapith in India, her passion and enthusiasm made her the titles of co-author of numerous anthologies and, finally, author of "LET US CONQUER OVER WEAKNESS." Later, as a creative content writer, she created blog posts and content marketing pieces for an Indian online startup. She enjoys researching, using her skills, and learning new ones while gathering reliable information.

Layered by Science and Creativity, Shraddha believes that combining an individual's core competencies and bringing out the best is always a good idea.