Sajida Ahmed

Account Director

At AVWUA, we're a brilliant team of researchers, strategists, creatives, designers and developers that design and delivers projects for business that wish to connect with the family market, and we do it globally from our offices with HQ in London.

With 12 years of experience in Designing, Business Development, Sales Strategy and Client relationship management: I put the customer at the centre of everything I do. I excel at the execution of big ideas with given constraints. My gut instinct is good, but I seek data for my decisions. As a result, I can successfully scale up revenue businesses.

I can align, lead and grow teams: I love to win, but helping the team win gives me greater joy. I tell grand narratives that motivate. The buck always stops with me. I educate, refine and drive myself to be a better person: I constantly learn because I never settle.

I focus on making high-quality decisions. My job involves people. This is how I sum up my role. I help people fall in love with brands. Help businesses win new Businesses. Build trust with clients to support their Brands Skyrocket.

Life has taught me to seek opportunities, whether or not they are risky. There's a natural person behind this profile, too! A free-spirited Traveller, rational philosopher, and scientific yogini who dreams of a world without boundaries, making me chaotically creative energy.

When I am not at work or in denial about having a social life, I'm at home bothering and distracting my favourite human - My son. Or swimming, or cooking or knitting or playing the Ukulele or just chilling. I enjoy meeting new people and hearing new perspectives.

Reach out if you want to talk to me about emerging Tech, creating new businesses, marketing campaigns, Art and design, or just about LIFE.