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Marko Bijelic - James Gardner-Pickett




Asics has relied on innovation to introduce design ideas that have revolutionized the sporting world and it has endeavored to offer extremely inventive sports product solutions that customers rely on using a scientific methodology. Asics needed its women's category page redesigned, and AVWUA assisted them by providing Web Design & Development, User Experience Design, and User Interface Design for an efficient way of purchasing the product online, a clear way of locating a specific product, and steering customers to popular products. The new Asics site needed to be able to handle product complexity and provide customers with a smooth omnichannel buying experience.


A universal table! That not only provided specialized assistance to consumers, but also led to an increase in customer interaction and time spent purchasing for Asics women. AVWUA was able to transform the user journey from awareness to purchase using a new interface. Not only was the shopping experience enjoyable, but it also reduced the likelihood of needing to return the shoes. The end result gave the consumer a better concept of what the product looks like without having to go to the store, and it led to a solution that improved the user experience while buying shoes online.


Every industry faces complicated problems that necessitate innovative solutions. Under the impact of design, the strategy ensured the convergence and sustainability of e-commercial operations in digital realities and conventional business ventures in urban locations, resulting in a more acceptable model for users' demands. Observations might be tangible, based on metrics and facts, or abstract, based on empathy and understanding. The flexibility to explore and think about solutions is provided by creativity in the ideation phase. The produced ideas turned into testable solutions. The knowledge enabled us to create solutions from the ground up for a results-oriented environment.

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