Marko Bijelic - AVWUA Team




The AVWUA team wanted to make sure that everyone in the room knew about the  "winkies," and "witch of the North" from the original book- The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The aim to revamp the Wizard of Oz Apple book cover representing the difficult voyage to Emerald City led us to the notion of preserving wonderment and joy while leaving out heartaches and nightmares. The goal is to combine innovation with a creative dimension and turn contemplations into reality. The collaboration will result in future concepts that are both distinctive and creative.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road.


The book cover reflects the plot's layout, leaving you intrigued as to how the story will unfold. Have you seen the movie but not read the book? Readers fell in love with the original narrative and demanded sequels! The cover made through product designing depicts an unadulterated story. The appealing cover not only increased sales, but it also allowed readers to feel the manuscript rather than just read about it. Innovative translation theory and creative practice have resulted in theoretical and aesthetic implications. The outcome was a cover that was CLEAN, VIVID, WITTY, and CREATIVE, breaking new ground in illustration.

Are we there yet.


The essential components of the client’s company are increasingly dynamic, tentative, and economical and creative development can comply with the customer's increasing demands. Actions done to encourage creativity and innovation lead to the visualization of new ways to work together with others, which leaves a lasting impression on potential readers. The eye-catching cover persuades the reader and captures the story without giving too much away. The book cover expresses to the readers that the content is worth their time and attention. After all, a reader can only view the spine. The cover aids to establish a defined horizon of expectation and influence people's feelings and pleasure.

Somewhere over the rainbow.

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