You attract what you see, You accept what you attract.

About me

Shraddha Thuwal

It’s only with the heart that one can see and feel correctly. With reverence, I do, feel, see, believe, attract, and accept what I do, feel, see, believe, attract, and accept, and there I am, filled with REVERENCE. There is no such thing as good or bad in the world; only positivity and negativity exist. Life is a circle that allows us to contemplate both parts, but in uneven proportions, and with the goal of appreciating both of my readers' perspectives, I adore forming heart-to-heart connections. Memory has a role in our lives because even if the best memory fades away in the fog along with the mist, nevertheless its aroma remains fresh like the wet soil. 

I'm here through AVWUA to tie knots with a community that isn't just confined to memories, but also extends beyond it. Nothing in the world begins without an emotional connection, which I believe is the most formidable weapon. I have started walking and chasing excellence with the intention of holding hands with everyone and encouraging them in their pursuit of excellence. Everyone has a friend that is just a bystander when it comes to emotions. For me, writing is the way to go! You might be interested in becoming its friend as well.

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